My Dear Darling Personalization

Personalized Penguin Plush

I can't stop smiling right now as I write this special post. :) This is dedicated to all YOUR best friends and their best friends and so on. What would we do without you? You're always there when we need you; You're our therapists when we're out of our minds, our cheerleaders when we're down, and our Kleenex when we're sobbing over the most ridiculous "drama". (And who doesn't have drama, right?) You always go that extra mile to see us laugh or smile. So I wanted to take this moment, to all the BFFs (Best Friends Forever) out there in the world, THANK YOU!

Now, my BFF does all of the above. She's beautiful, thoughtful, giving, I mean, seriously, the whole package! (Do I sound a bit crazy about her? Lol, I'm just VERY thankful.) But on top of that, she pushes me to better myself; not just personally but also with My Dear Darling. And a wonderful example of that is her personalized penguin order. Last month, she sent me a sketch of what she envisioned of her two penguins; herself and her bf. Oh, I forgot to mention "DETAILED" sketch with side notes, reference pix, and all. :) I love working on personalized orders and each one has its challenges. But I admit, these penguins were the most challenging. I have new found respect for ANY artist who creates miniature ANYTHINGS. I started out with the pliers thinking they were going to be the easiest prop, but nope. Lol, I don't think I've brainstormed that many ways of creating one item because my hands were too big or the fabric piece was too small. My favorite project was the lollipop. :D I mean, who could turn down the sweets? YUM! After working out all the technical challenges, I sent off the penguins and she gave them to her bf for Valentine's Day. Awww. *heart* They both absolutely loved them and sent a picture of them on his shelf:

So thank your BFFs once in a while for all that they do for you. ;) Thank you, B (&N). Hehe.

Shout out to your best friend! :D