Shout Out - Revisited soopajdelux

little blue dot SOLD

I was ecstatic when the doorbell rang and the Postman was standing there with a huge package. It was the print by soopajdelux. In my Shout Out post, some of you helped me choose which print I should go with. Since number two got the most votes, I decided to go with little blue dot. And boy am I happy! :D Although, I'm sure I would've been happy with any of her works. I haven't decided where to hang the beautiful thing because I want it where I can see it all the time. I'm hoping one day I can save up enough to buy an original!

NOTE: I do realize that I haven't done a new Shout Out in a while. I was waiting for the last seller but it seems as though she's a bit busy... which is GOOD. :) So, I'll start the new chain soon! Or maybe you can help me by letting me know what you've bought and LOVED from a fave seller. :D