My Dear Darling's Apple Pillow on Etsy's Handmade Blog

I woke up today and checked my mail, the same ol' daily routine. I always read through Etsy's newsletters to see new items I haven't been exposed to yet and today's email was of Etsy Finds Decor. I saw the vintage telephone and was excited because it looked like it was going to be a pretty good collection. So I scrolled down and... "OH! MY! GAH!!!! MY APPLE PILLOW!!!" I was in utter disbelief. My jaw dropped and I wanted to click but my body froze up. After calming myself, I clicked through to Etsy's Handmade Blog and my apple pillow was there too! :D My husband and I couldn't be any happier... okay, maybe I'm a little more happier than him. :P Thank you so much for your support and thank you Christine for finding my apple!