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Ceramicist Joanna Mendicino

The other week, I was randomly shopping for vases on Etsy and discovered this CUTE little shop. I immediately knew I was going to get something and started clicking through each item, basically wanting to put everything in my shopping cart. So I finally decided on this bird vase that totally reminded me of my penguin and HAD to get it. :D I was ecstatic... like to the point where I was jumping up and down when I paid for the order. I figured it'd only take a day or two to get since Ms. Mendicino resides in San Francisco. Read her profile here. When I got it I almost screamed with joy... and I am NOT exaggerating. Lol. It's bigger than I had imagined and definitely one of my favorite items I've bought online. :D Ms. Mendicino has so many other wonderful items, like this trio - my picks, that I'm sure I'll be back again!

Photos: bird vase - medium, my bird vase, my bird vase with a rose

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