My Dear Darling Personalization

Personalized Pillows

I'm so happy to be blogging today to let you know that I don't have Jury Duty. :) Which means more work that will get done around here (plus some blog posts). Yay!

These personalized pillows were for various special customers... Actually, one was a gift to a friend of mine. "THIS FACE!" is a phrase V uses ALL the time... (You should trademark it if it isn't already! Hehe.) so it was only appropriate to personalize his panda (because he reminds you of a panda bear) for his golden birthday last month. Whoa. I just realized that my husband's golden birthday was April, V's gb was May and my BFF, B's, gb is this month! Lots of birthdays. :D "KATIE" was my first owl pillow order! It was so fun working with the bright blue again. It brings a smile to my face every time. And "A.J." was a personalized monkey pillow. Hehe, my sister saw this photo and was worried that I had personalized it upside down. But the monkey's ears are just lower compared to the other animals. :)