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Teacake Bake Shop

I'm drooling as I'm writing this post. :P I'm not sure if you know this but I LOVE cupcakes! So, I wanted to share this yummy cupcake shop that I'm in love with: Teacake Bake Shop. Delicious! They have a selection of their everyday cupcakes and there's a Daily Special Cupcake for each day of the week. If that doesn't make your stomach growl, they sell freshly baked cookies too! :D I have yet to try them.

I was disappointed in the service last week which was a surprise because usually they're very sweet. But I can never complain about their yummy cupcakes. I just found out there's one in Corte Madera (closer to home). I haven't gone to it yet, but I shall stop by sometime soon.

Have you tried their cupcakes? Where's YOUR favorite cupcake shop or bakery? :)

Photos: Cookies and Cupcakes Gift Set, Brochures