Shout Out - Revisited StephieMc

Marcy Necklace

Back in April, I posted about how I won a Marcy Necklace by Stephanie from the scavenger hunt game. Yay, me! Hehe. It's about time I shared my customized necklace! It's my fault, not Stephanie's. It took me weeks to take it off my neck and take a photo of it. ;) And I wanted to share a photo of my penguin wearing it too. Some of you may be wondering why it's "T P A" and not "B P A"... My husband's name is Brandon but his Vietnamese name is Tan, like the color, which is what I call him by. :)

Thank you again Stephanie for holding the scavenger hunt game AND sending me this beautiful necklace. :D

Photos: Penguin wearing my necklace, The Marcy Necklace with a Heart Charm