Episode 5: Creative Foods & Personal Space ft Shizuka

Show Notes:

Have you ever been inspired by the food you eat?
Growing up, did your mom make creative creatures out of food?
Would you ever challenge yourself to a creative food competition?

Buddha Shaped Pears
Typewriter Cake
Animal Sandwiches
Octopus Sausage
• Cute Bento Boxes: Bears, Girl, Faces

*If you would like to participate in the creative food photo gallery, I have decided to showcase all appropriate entries on the front page of MyDearDarling.com. Remember, the creations must be made out of food and resemble My Dear Darling characters or designs. Have fun! :D

Did you have a situation where you had someone step into your personal space?
How did you prevent from people invading your space?
Culturally, do you think that people are too concerned with their privacy that they tend to overlook bigger issues?

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