Hello, happy Friday. This week went by super fast with LOTS of inspirational links. :) I hope you enjoy and have a lovely holiday weekend.

Inspirational Handmade:
minu *My favorite find this week.
Thomas Doyle
Toadstool Cottage and Mushroom House Pattern
Lovely Paper Products
DIY Ice Cream Parlour * Now to find a reason to celebrate.

Inspirational Illustrations:
Gabriel Moreno
Bird Face Royal Parade
Say Hello to My Little Friend

Inspirational Packaging:
Help Remedies
Blossa by BVD
Coarse Toys by Projekt Kochstrasse

Inspirational Photography:
Ryan McGinley *What it's like on cloud 9.

Inspirational Products:
O-CHECK 3D Cards Retro Balloon by NoteMaker
Bloom Flower Lamp by Fred & Friends

Inspirational Treats:
Rich Chocolates *Who doesn't get inspired by chocolate, right? ;)

Extra Inspirations:
45 Brilliant Examples of Photo Manipulation Art