Inspired By...

Part I: Since I owe you more than this ;) and of course, there's so many great things out there. Part II & III will be over the weekend.

Wire Works by Marie Christophe
3D Paper Book by Johan Hybschmann
Tissue Paper Flowers by Zakka Life
Handmade Flowers by Carol Gearing

Hand-drawn bags by Laho
Cat Cabin (Ambitious project)
Recycled Argyle Notecards (Reminds me of this penguin)

Burger Cupcakes

Kazuko Taniguchi
Laura George

Addcase Baby
Pop-Up Popcorn by Packlab
Hint Mint by James Jean

Apple & Pear mini plates by YoYo Ceramics
LED Milk Glasses

*I want to note that I link you to where I found these wonderful inspirations to give credit. :) You can click on the links to find out more about the artists or shops.