OFF Topic: Let's Get Personal

It's about time I formally explain my absence from my blogging and other online activities. A couple months back, we were surprised to find out we were expecting! :D We had been trying earlier but stopped after my best friend got engaged since I didn't want to have a belly at her wedding. But of course, they say it happens when you stop trying! The thought didn't even cross my mind until after I missed my very regular period. Sorry, this might be a bit of a girly post, just to warn you. ;)

My BFF sent us these beautiful flower arrangements along with the teddy bear below, the same day I told her the big news. :) I LOVE the bright bold colors! Every time I looked at them, it'd make me smile. (Note: The ribbons on the teddy bear were not pink when she ordered them online. I think they ran out of the unisex color. We still don't know the sex.) It seems most of our family and friends think it's going to be a girl except my best friend and husband. Brandon really wants a girl but thinks it'll end up being a boy. Me? I seriously have no preference and I really just can't tell. :P

As we started sharing the happy news to our closest friends and family, the excitement slowly faded and turned into lots of questions and anxiety. Not because we weren't looking forward to it, but because I started to experience some uncommon symptoms of a healthy pregnancy. Along with every symptom in the book, I was experiencing spotting, mild bleeding (the bright red kind), clots, severe abdominal pain and other red flag signs of a miscarriage. Bedrest was number one top priority. Thankfully, every doctor's visit so far has had a positive outcome with what looks to be a healthy baby growing in my belly. But even then, there's always something unnerving about not knowing what will happen next. My mother went through three pregnancies with no symptoms whatsoever so she can't relate to anything I'm experiencing. At this point, I try to take each day at a time, excited of all the wonderful things that may be and still worried of possible problems. Although I may have unexpected days on bedrest, I hope I can get back to my regular posting schedule and update the shop as much as possible! :D I definitely miss working on orders all day and being a busy bee. Bzzz!