My Darling Penguin Contest Sample

Hello to the new week. :) I've started out today by updating the SFEtsy team blog with the new graphics. Check it out and let me know what you think! Hopefully there aren't too many mistakes. Hehe.
Today, I wanted to share a sample for the My Darling Penguin Contest that I made. Basically a step by step instruction on what you COULD do:
printed out my paper penguins
colored the blank penguin
cut out my paper penguin
glued a bow on the colored penguin

You can do what you'd like with yours. This is just a sample of what you could do. :) Next week, I'll post a sample photo ofΒ where I would take my darling penguin. :) I hope you're brainstorming creative ideas!
Remember to submit your entry by Friday, April 23rd! :D