A Daily Dose of Bruce: Day 8

Brucie's been babbling a lot more than before. Most of his sounds now are "Dada" since

the first time he learned how to say it

. It makes me smile every time. Kaori mentioned that he probably thinks


"Dada" and I suppose she's right. So I've been repeating "Mama" and "Mami" to him and on Day 8, he said, "Mna mna"! I didn't care that it wasn't perfect, I started crying. :'D

Lol, my parents keep saying I'm "oyabaka" which directly translated means "parent-stupid." It's when a parent praises or talks about their child a lot... kind of like bragging, I suppose. (Interesting post I found


.) But it's true. I can't stop watching him and talking about his milestones!