Penguin Doodle A Day: Week 5

wet penguin 07.20.2012

goodnight 07.21.2012 

water balloon toss 07.22.2012

niko & katsu 07.23.2012 

untitled 07.24.2012

adventure awaits 07.25.2012 

aphrodite 07.26.2012 

Happy Friday and it's Olympics time! Double woot! :D

Another week of daily penguin doodles complete! I changed things up by doodling with my pencil only. Had to give my pink pen a rest. ;) I also introduced Katsu, my dog, and I think those have been my favorite so far. Which has been your favorite?

This weekend, I'm hoping to buy and install some shelves in the pink closet so I can finally organize all my craft supplies. Lots of other shopping to do too! :) What are your plans for this weekend? Wishing you a good one!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

P.S. Did you enter the mug cup giveaway? :)