Penguin Doodle A Day: Week 10

blueberry princess 08.24.2012 

RIP Niel Armstrong 08.25.2012 

a couple of cherries 08.25.2012 

balance - daikon penguin 08.26.2012 

eggplant penguin 08.26.2012 

grape lover 08.27.2012 

kiwi penguin 08.28.2012 

lemon penguin 08.29.2012 

mushroom penguin 08.30.2012 

Happy happy Friday darling friends! :)

Last week, I started my digital doodles / illustrations and now I have an entire week of them! I'm a lot steadier with a mouse (obviously!) so they look a lot more consistant than when I doodle with a pen or pencil. And they're in color, which I'm loving!

In case you're wondering, I do sketch these doodles out first onto my sketchbook but I don't think you'd be able to recognize what each one is since they look more like scribbles... Only I can see the penguins, kind of like what they say about a doctor's handwriting? ;)

I love working on these and I have this huge smile while I'm doodling. :D I'm so happy I decided to change it up and go digital. I hope you like them too!

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo