Penguin Doodle A Day: Week 9

roll over 08.17.2012 

turtle power 08.18.2012 

niko boba balls 08.19.2012 

ごめんね、ひよこちゃん (I'm sorry, hiyoko) 08.20.2012 

love dumbo 08.21.2012 

niko's predicament 08.22.2012 

a is for apple 08.23.2012 

Hello darling friends! :)

I've been keeping myself busy this week working on different projects, meeting with clients, and crafting personalized penguins! And yesterday, I completed my first digital doodle that has been on my mind for years and years. I shared a sneak peek here a while ago and I'm planning a bigger project for it... Maybe you'll be able to guess once I start adding more to it? ;)

Hope you had a productive week and have a relaxing weekend!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo