Free DIY Printable Thank You Papercut Art

November is the month to be thankful.

I think it's important to let your loved ones know, as often as you can, that you're thankful for them and thankful for their actions - even for the little things like helping take out the trash. And I think it's nearly as important that you thank strangers for their assistance when given and customers for their businesses.

"Thank you" is such a powerful phrase. I'd like to think that it has a similar effect on people as a smile. So I created the printable below to remind us all the things we are thankful for each day. :)

ย printable thank you papercut art (free download here)

MATERIALS: 8.5" x 11" card stock paper xacto knife (with a new blade is best) self healing mat (not pictured) ruler 4" x 6" colored or glittered paper 4" x 6" photo frame

STEP 1: Print the My Dear Darling Printable Thank You Papercut onto an 8.5" x 11" paper. Card stock (thick paper) works best.

STEP 2: Place the printable onto a self healing mat. Using an xacto knife, carefully cut out all the yellow portions. You will need quite a bit of patience for this project unless you're really good with an xacto or if you've done this before. This was my first real papercutting project and I took a couple breaks in between since I tend to tense up my fingers. And please note it doesn't have to be perfect. ;) You can see below that mine is far from perfect:

TIP 1: Start with the thinnest sections first. For example, I started cutting out the section between the eyes and mouth of the penguin first. This is so it's less likely to rip.

TIP 2: Work on all the yellow sections before cutting out the frame.

STEP 3: Take a break and smile at the hard work you just completed. Seriously, you deserve it! ;)

STEP 4: Using a ruler, carefully cut along the outside border of the papercut.

STEP 5: Place the 4" x 6" colored or glittered paper behind your artwork.

STEP 6: Frame your artwork and think of something you're thankful for! :D Note: I ended up using a black frame instead of the white one pictured in the materials section since I loved the gold and black combo better.

You can keep the artwork for yourself or gift it to someone you're thankful for.

You can gift it to someone special with a mini penguin!

Or gift it with a beautiful bouquet! (The clay flowers are from my wedding which were handmade by Deb of Keepsake Blossoms.)

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy this printable! :D

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

Please note: The Printable Thank You Papercut Art design and PDF download are copyrighted material. For personal use only. Please do not reproduce, copy, and/or sell. Thank you!

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