Blog Hugs

PenguinDoodles_BlogHug Last week, Holly of decor8 suggested we send our favorite blogs a virtual hug to show support and thank them for all their hard work. It was just the push I needed to comment and tweet to a couple of them and it inspired me to doodle this penguin. :) I've joined in on #bloghug to share a few of my favorite blogs that inspire me on a daily basis. I've narrowed it down to categories since I follow many different types of blogs.

DECOR: Bright Bazaar Chez Larsson Decor8 Little House Blog

DESIGN: Design Crush Design for Mankind Looks Like Good Design Oh Hello Friend

ALL THINGS CUTE: Super Cute Kawaii Tokyo Bunnie

ARTISTS: Creative Thursday Joo Joo My Paper Crane Oana Befort Katie's Pencil Box

MOTHER BLOGGERS THAT I ADMIRE (these are not mommy blogs): A Cup of Jo Making It Lovely Sweet Fine Day

BLOGGERS I PRETEND TO KNOW PERSONALLY (meaning I name drop them in conversations as if they're my friends in real life ;) ) Creature Comforts Nice Girl Notes Young House Love

Thank you for being a major part of my daily inspiration, whether it be to motivate me to clean my house, help me decide what to make for dinner, or to comfort me when I'm having a tough day! You are all so talented and beautiful! Big BLOG HUGS to you! :D

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo