Thank You, Young House Love!

YoungHouseLove It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Petersiks from Young House Love: I went to their Palo Alto book signing, I made a mini gallery wall inspired by their gallery hall, and even got tips on how to travel with a toddler, just to name a few! So I was excited when I saw Burger Penguin's photo on their blog twice! :D Okay, maybe more than excited... like tears-in-my-eyes, jumping-up-and-down, photo-texting-friends-early-in-the-morning ecstatic!


The first was from their roundup of their West Coast book tour. Here's Sherry holding Burger Penguin with me!


And yesterday, they shared updates on Clara's big girl room and lookie who was sitting at the table having eggs and cookies?! :D

Thank you Sherry, John, and Burger for all the love! And an even bigger THANK YOU to Clara for feeding Mr. Penguin!! Yup, he has a name! ;)

Lots & Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

All photos and screenshot from Young House Love.