Snoopy Valentine Mailbox

Snoopy Valentine Mailbox Baby Bear's TK class had the kids make their own Valentine mailboxes with their families and of course, he chose Snoopy for his theme! :D I got my inspiration from a pinata and made a opening using the nose as a little knob. Bruce helped me make 5 fringe pieces ("I'm tired. Let me know when you work on the eyes and ears!" Haha!) and he traced, cut and glued the eyes, ears, and mouth.

Snoopy Valentine Mailbox

We got lucky that Target had Snoopy Valentines so he gave a Snoopy box of chocolate to his teacher and Snoopy sticker Valentines with bouncy balls to his classmates.

Snoopy Valentine Mailbox

Snoopy Valentine Mailbox

Snoopy Valentine Mailbox

Enjoying his Valentine haul! We hope you have a love-filled weekend! <3

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

Mike Wazowski Pumpkin & Giveaway

Mike Wazowski Pumpkin Before I get into my pumpkin, I wanted to share that I'm a (newbie) Good Cook Kitchen Expert where Good Cook would send a product for me to use and review. I don't get paid for these types of posts and my thoughts and opinions are my own. Personally, I'll only be using products that I would've bought myself for these types of projects. :) So I'm excited to start with my pumpkin project since I've been using different tools for carving each year (seen here and here)!

Good Cook's Pumpkin Carving Kit

After Bruce finished decorating his monsters pumpkin, I looked through this Pumpkin Carving Kit that Sweet Creations by Good Cooks sent. There were a few cute designs but I knew Bruce wanted something from Monsters Inc/University so I designed our own Mike Wazowski stencil.

Pumpkin Carving

(Please note that my hand injury was NOT caused by the tools but from something completely unrelated.)

I got right into it and I was already impressed with how you can use the back of the knives to start each cut. This made it much easier to do all of Mike's teeth. I started from the top and worked my way down to the bottom, scraping Mike's teeth last. I used the left overs from Mike's eyes to make little horns and used a toothpick to hold them in place.

In less than an hour, I had Mike smiling back at me:

Mike Wazowski Pumpkin

"I can't believe it... I'm now a pumpkin!"

Mike Wazowski Pumpkin w Bruce

Bruce loved it so much he RAWR-ed his way around the table! :D

Mike Wazowski Pumpkin w Bruce

And here he is glowing in the dark:

Mike Wazowski Pumpkin

Monster Pumpkins

our monster pumpkins

Here are some things to note about my experience with using the Sweet Creations by Good Cook Pumpkin Carving Kit:

• The scoop made it easier to scrape out the pumpkin guts with the ridged side and get a smoother finish (on the inside of the pumpkin) with the plain side. • I used the drill tip to dot out my template instead of the rotary tool. I never liked the rotary tools even in other kits because I'm unable to follow the template lines perfectly with them. • I do wish they had either a scrape tool or one knife with a shorter blade so it would allow me to choose the depth of how much I can cut like these pumpkins. • The knives are definitely stronger than competitors. I can vouch for this because last year, my sister and I broke or bent EVERY blade in all the different kits we bought because they were so flimsy. The knives in these kits are thicker and they didn't bend so I'll be able to use them next year! :)

Now here's the fun part for you! :D Good Cook is giving away a Sweet Creations by Good Cook Pumpkin Carving Kit to one lucky reader:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway rules:

• Contest is open to US residents. • Deadline to enter is Oct 31, 2013. • Good Cook contest rules apply. • Prize will be awarded 8-10 weeks after winner is chosen.

If you'd like to order any Sweet Creations Halloween products from Good Cook, they're offering a 25% OFF coupon by using the CODE: PUMPKIN25

I hope you enjoy carving your pumpkins!

Disclosure: As a Good Cook Kitchen Expert I receive products in exchange for a review. All thoughts & opinions are my own. :)

Crafting with Bruce Vol. 3


a colorful garland

Here's another edition of Crafting with Bruce! :D If you missed the first two, here's Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

My sweet friend, Diana, had given us a box full of styrofoam balls over a year ago and I had been trying to think of fun ways to use them. Then last week, I had this brilliant (to me!) idea of making a colorful garland for Bruce's room so he can learn his colors. :) You can see how we painted the balls in the animated photo above.


Here's how the painted balls turned out! They are bright and cheery, perfect for any kid's room!


Materials I used: construction paper (to protect our working surface) paper plates styrofoam balls foam brushes craft paint

To string the balls together: yarn a skewer (to poke a hole through the balls) fun wire (to makeshift a long needle to pull the yarn through the balls)

This project is self explanatory but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :) I will note though that I was too excited to wait for the paint to dry so my yarn has a few streaks of color on it. But you really can't tell. ;)


And here it is above Bruce's bed with his 89 cent world map! (Yes, 89 cents!! :D ) I love it!





I think I need to do more painting projects with Bruce since he loves it so much! :)

What do you think? You can even make them with select colors to match your decor. Will you be making one? Please share photos if you do! :D

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo