Fan Moments: Lemony & Fotobie in Bali Part I

Another set of beautiful photos from the adventures of Lemony & Fotobie! :D This time, they headed to Bali with Hazel and her husband.

Fotobie taking a picture of Lemony
Relaxing by the pool
Out for a walk
Sea gazing
I love the shot of the two together gazing at the sea. Hehe, I'll have to bug my husband to take me there one day, it looks beautiful and so relaxing. Thank you so much Hazel for sharing these lovely photos!
Stay tuned for Part II next week! ;)

Fan Moments: Lavender in Busan, South Korea Part II

I've been so forgetful lately! I completely forgot to post Part II of Lavender's adventure in South Korea. So here they are now:

Having tea at a cafe nearby
At the Haeundae beach again
Lavender seems to love Starbucks
Peeking out
At the sidewalk next to the beach
Starbucks again! - At the airport

Thank you again, Hazel! :) That cake looks so yummy, my tummy started growling as I was putting this post together. :P I'm off to find some sweets now!

Lavender in Busan Part I