Ikea Family Live Magazine

Akiyo in Ikea Family Live Magazine This week has been amazing! I first shared about My Dear Darling now being available over at Gifts.com Shop, then my Meet the Artist interview, and today I'm ecstatic to share my Ikea Family Live Magazine feature! :D Hello, to all my new visitors!

I am no interior designer (clearly) but I do love our ever changing home. Here are a few more peeks:

My Dear Darling Workspace

My Dear Darling Workspace

My Dear Darling Living Room

My Dear Darling Living Room

My Dear Darling Bruce's Room

My Dear Darling Bruce's Room

My Dear Darling Bruce's Room

My Dear Darling Bruce's Room

You can see more on Ikea Family Live Magazine.

Do you love your Ikea furniture too or have an obsession with white ceramic things like me? ;) Many of our Ikea pieces have moved with us over the past 3 years and they've all held up well, which is why we keep going back. What's your reason?

A huge thank you to Helen, Brandon, Bruce, & Soyary!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

P.S. A few major changes were made earlier this year (like replacing Bruce's crib with a big boy bed!) so I'm hoping to share updates next month! ;)

Bruce's Room

ReadingCorner Welcome to Bruce's Room!

We tackled half of his room this weekend and now it's become one of my favorite spots in our apartment. Especially, this reading corner in the photo above! :D Bruce has been reading each book page by page lately, albiet in his own language, and his current go-to book is Xmen Brotherhood of Monsters. This is exciting for us because he use to just flip through pages so now we get to spend time reading books to him at least three times a day!


I organized the top of the dresser with the more delicate books and things that needed easy access like his diapers.


His gallery wall is unfinished (pictures need to be replaced, frames need to be purchased) but I'm loving it already. They mainly consist of art that our friends have designed / made themselves or art we received as gifts. I used the framing arrangement suggestion in the Young House Love book as a guide which helped tremendously as I didn't know where to start. I've put together smaller ones in the past (from our first apartment and our condo) but this is by far our biggest gallery wall we've put together. Here's a closer look:


Art that will stay: Smallest Piece Poster by our friend, Tommy Perez Bioshock Fan Art by Gabriel (Brandon worked on Bioshock 2) Tiger Card by Tommy Perez (Made for Bruce's birth - So sweet!) We Scare Because by Dave Perillo A Sweet Home for Nemo by Martin Hsu Shu Todoroki from Cars 2 (Gifted from Bryce)


Tora Shiro (Gifted from the Tommy Perez & his wife, Erin) B is for Bear (Gifted from Jenny) Illustrated picture of Bruce by Bryce Wooden Letter B


And what's under the gallery wall, you ask? His train table, of course! ;) This is Bruce's favorite playing station. It's been through a lot since we first got it. After we would set up the tracks, he'd destroy it within minutes! We toyed with the idea of screwing the tracks down for months but could never really commit to making holes. But on Saturday, Brandon finally decided he'd try wood glueing it so we wouldn't have to put it together every few hours. (Not really, maybe once or twice a day... But that's a lot of building!) ;)


So far, it's been holding up to Bruce's playtime but I can report back if they get taken apart. ;) I'm excited that his room somewhat resembles the inspiration board I put together before we moved! We couldn't bring the glider and ottoman because there was simply no space and we have to figure out storage solutions for clothes, toys, and my fabric stash for My Dear Darling. Since we live in a one bedroom, we designated the bedroom as Bruce's bedroom, playroom, and storage for all three of our clothes. Crazy? Yes. But doable! As in, we're making it work. ;)

I'm slowly falling in love with our smaller home after living here for a couple weeks. I'm not going to lie, it IS a challenge figuring out where to put all our belongings, but there's many pros like less square footage to clean and being able to call maintenance for problems instead of fixing it yourself or hiring someone to fix it for you. I still find myself waking up feeling lost though. Is that weird? Haha! And because our current kitchen layout is the same as our condo but with the sink and stove switched out, I still find myself walking over to the stove to wash my hands. I'm sure I'll eventually get it!

Have you felt lost in your own home too? What do you think of Bruce's room in progress? :) Do you have any storage tips for us? I'd love to hear!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo