Sneak Peek

halloween cupcakes

This month, I decided to try blogging a little differently. I read this great Biz Ladies article on Design Sponge and scheduled out all my blog post topics for October. I want to commit to writing posts regularly (even if it's just for this month), since I tend to let it slide when I get too busy. After following the directions they suggested, I filled up the month with both personal and My Dear Darling business related topics. I decided to bring back a few older ones like Shout Outs and will be adding new ones like Ask Me Crafting with Bruce. This exercise has also inspired me to create more freebies, since I've been wanting to do so for so long but never put aside any time for it!

So yes, today's Sneak Peek is of the first Halloween freebie I'll be sharing with you next week! It's been a while since the Printable Valentine! I'm so excited I'm tempted to post it now! But alas, I've got to stick to my schedule. ;) Hope you're excited as I am!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

Shout Out - Luciles Kitchen

I'm so excited about this weekend because my best friend, Bryce is coming to visit! And while she's here, we're planning to cook and bake like crazy. I'm just imagining a kitchen full of food... I don't think she knows what she's getting herself into. ;)
Speaking of food, I thought today I'd give a Shout Out to a talented French illustrator, Lucile, and her shop Luciles Kitchen. I love her art style because it's one I cannot master and the colors she uses for each painting is just simply perfect. Here are some of my favorite prints (and not to mention, foods!):

Did it inspire you to want to bake? ;)
photos: La tarte aux fraises, Cupcakes collection, Tea time rendez-vous

P.S. France is my dream vacation destination. I'm smiling from ear to ear writing this post as I imagine myself there...