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Niko the penguin always knows how to cheer Kana the panda up. 7.11.2014

Hello! :)

It's been a long time since I last blogged. A lot has been going on including some new products in the works! My goal today is to get through everyone's emails and messages. I'm so sorry if you've been waiting for a reply but I promise all emails will be replied to by tomorrow!

In other news, I've started doodling daily again! But this time I'm introducing all the new characters so it won't just be penguin doodles. ;) So far, Kana the Panda has been seeing drinking root beer and making wishes on her Tanabata tree:

Kana's wishes on her Tanabata tree. 7.12.2014

Niko playing the Taiko drum! 7.13.2014

Party hat, cup, milk, strawberries... All requests by my son. 7.14.2014

Cheers! (I've been hooked on root beer lately) 7.15.2014

Struggles with pants 7.16.2014

Open wide! (A visit to the dentist today) 7.17.2014

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of smiles! :)

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

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Penguin Doodle A Day: Week 1

2013 01.07.2013

Happy Friday, friends!

I'm back at it! Last time I doodled daily for 10 weeks straight and this time, I'm determined to do it longer! :D Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

looking for something, darling? 01.08.2013

a trail of hearts. 01.09.2013

brr. 01.10.2013

reading a good book. 01.11.2013

niko & his puppy puppet. 01.12.2013

apartment hunting is not fun. 01.13.2013

if niko had a bakery... 01.14.2013

love. 01.15.2013

with brucie's help. 01.16.2013

GUTS だぜ. 01.17.2013