Stuffed Magazine Autumn 2014

My Dear Darling in Stuffed Magazine A huge moment for Niko (and me!) this month because he's featured in Stuffed Magazine! When Danielle from Stuffed contacted me if I was interested in submitting some works early this year, I was ecstatic! Remember these sneak peeks? :) I'm completely honored to be featured next to SO many talented plush makers!

My Dear Darling in Stuffed Magazine My Dear Darling in Stuffed Magazine

As if that wasn't enough, Baby Bear posed for me after finding my penguins on the shelves of Joann's yesterday! :D

Brucie Bear

Thank you, Danielle and the staff at Stuffed! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of Monster Niko in the ice cave! :D

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

Featured in Piccola Mag

My Dear Darling interviewed in the Business Showcase for Piccola Mag

When Heather of

Piccola Mag

asked if I wanted to be interviewed for their Business Showcase, I didn't hesitate to answer


with a huge smile on my face! :D Please click on over and

check out the interview

and show some love for Piccola Mag.

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I was also excited when I saw that Emily of

Emmarie Designs

shared a photo of the original penguin face card she's had up on her inspiration board for quite some time! :D Ah-mazing!

Thank you, Piccola Mag and Emily! <3