Shout Out - BlueBirdHeaven

As I mentioned earlier this week, my friend Erin has been inspiring me to "look good, feel good" by accessorizing outfits. I stayed over at her and her husband's home while I was in Orange County and of course, I fell in love with all their home decor; one of which was an awesome jewelry display case made out of a printer drawer. How clever and unique! Then a couple days ago, when I was going through my Google Reader, I came across this sweet a** lego storage made out of a printer tray as well. So I looked around Etsy and found Jessica's shop, BlueBirdHeaven.
I actually don't know if this is where Erin got hers but I really liked the craftsmanship of Jessica's work just by looking at her photos. I also like a lot of the jewelry in the pictures. ;) Now I have to find a bigger home to move into so I have space to buy one and hang it up!