Living Room Valentine Hearts Our living room is full of hearts. There are penguins that come and go. There are heart shaped paper, fabric, and pancakes. Just enjoying this lovely month. ;)

Bruce's Valentine Cards

Bruce made cards for his Valentines which consisted of tons of Aunties (he wouldn't specify which), Ji-ji (grandpa), Nana, Daddy, Uncle Larry, and... himself. He'd tell me what to write to each person including his own:

"Dear Buce, I lah you! Done."

Bruce Feeding Kentavious

He's been cooking a lot more, mainly pizzas. Feeding his dolls, toys, Brandon, and me. Pizzas in a bowl, anyone?

Bruce's Legos

We've been building "pudy cool!" boats. He loves saying that phrase and it cracks us up each time.

Last week, I was driving around looking for parking and asked him if he'd like to help me find parking. He said, "Mmhmm! Parking, where are you? Paaarking? Where did Parking go?" :D

Akiyo's First Glasses

We were trying to find parking to pick up my first pair of glasses. :)

Golden Milk

And finally, our daily drink of choice: Golden Milk. Yum!

What've you been up to lately? Hope you're having a great Monday!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

Ikea Family Live Magazine

Akiyo in Ikea Family Live Magazine This week has been amazing! I first shared about My Dear Darling now being available over at Shop, then my Meet the Artist interview, and today I'm ecstatic to share my Ikea Family Live Magazine feature! :D Hello, to all my new visitors!

I am no interior designer (clearly) but I do love our ever changing home. Here are a few more peeks:

My Dear Darling Workspace

My Dear Darling Workspace

My Dear Darling Living Room

My Dear Darling Living Room

My Dear Darling Bruce's Room

My Dear Darling Bruce's Room

My Dear Darling Bruce's Room

My Dear Darling Bruce's Room

You can see more on Ikea Family Live Magazine.

Do you love your Ikea furniture too or have an obsession with white ceramic things like me? ;) Many of our Ikea pieces have moved with us over the past 3 years and they've all held up well, which is why we keep going back. What's your reason?

A huge thank you to Helen, Brandon, Bruce, & Soyary!

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo

P.S. A few major changes were made earlier this year (like replacing Bruce's crib with a big boy bed!) so I'm hoping to share updates next month! ;)

No Sew Curtain Pillow Covers

CurtainPillowCover-72 Good morning, darling friends! :)

Here's a quick living room update! After sharing my living room last week, I found this pin of a no sew pillow cover so I used my curtains (which I didn't have to cut up!) to add that touch of pink I've been wanting on our sofa.


Sew so easy! ;) And the bonus is that I get to choose which side I want to display - plain floral or with a bow.


Now I think I want to add some black and white into the mix to tie into all my penguins on the picture ledge and I'm dying to make some pillow covers (or something!) out of Heidi Kenney's Rainbow Tears fabric! What do you think? Too much pattern? :) I think I'm a little patterned pillow happy.

Lots of Smiles, Akiyo