My Dear Darling Fan Food Contest 2010

I'm very excited to finally share this year's entries, which all made my mouth water! I need to figure out a way for people to send them to me so I can taste them too! Hahaha, imagine that. Perhaps it's best that I only taste after reading the ingredients. ;) Here are the entries for the 2nd Annual My Dear Darling Fan Food Contest:
Orange Tiger by Jackie
Ingredients: mandarin orange, nori seaweed, water
My Dear Darling Penguin in Bear Suit by Shawn
Ingredients: flour, sugar, salt, yeast, mayonnaise, water, egg
Cran-Apple My Dear Darling Pie Pops by Bryce
Ingredients: pie crust, apple-cranberry filling

Seaweed Skater by Kaman
Ingredients: rice, nori seaweed, pickled daikon, sri racha hot sauce, boiled eggs,
pickled ginger, pickles, tofu, 2 whole black peppercorns

My Dear Donuts by Tommy
Ingredients: donuts, fondant, sprinkles, love
Snow Penguin by Alexis
Ingredients: crackers, cheerios, pasta, ricotta cheese

The Fan Favorite winner will receive a My Dear Darling Let's Get Personalized tshirt and the official winner will be announced next Wednesday! (Contest Info)

Which is your favorite My Dear Darling Fan Food creation?

Voting ends Tuesday, December 14th at midnight PST.

Edit: You can view more photos shared by contestants here! ;)

Fan Food Contest Update

Good afternoon!
I know you're waiting to see all the wonderful Fan Food Contest entries as I am excited to share them with you, but I am waiting to get a couple ingredients lists. So I'll be posting all the entries along with the Fan Favorite poll on Wednesday!
Thank you to everyone who participated! I want to say my food creation inspiration posts helped everyone think outside the box, but it's more likely that all of you are just super creative. ;) You're all awesome!
If you weren't able to make an entry in time, you can still be a part of it by voting for your favorite Fan Food entry starting Wednesday! Don't forget to tell your family and friends to stop by and vote for their favorite too! ;)

Totoro Cake & Songs

source: Carla Ikeda

Hunting for all these food inspiration photos has gotten me craving sweets! But then again, when do I NOT crave sweets? :P
Today, I wanted to share this cute Totoro cake for inspiration. My sisters and I grew up watching Tonarino Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) over and over. We would sing, dance and pretend to be characters from the movie. What can I say, we loved it! So when my sister came back from Japan and got me a few CDs of classic Japanese children's songs, I was super excited when I heard the Totoro theme song (instrumental version) on one of them. The one we have actually has the lyrics but it's beautiful either way. I've been playing it on a daily basis for Bruce to listen to and he falls asleep or stops crying when this song comes up. :) It puts me in a good mood too!
Do you have a favorite childhood song that puts a smile on your face? I actually have a lot more, but I think Totoro is on the top of my favorites. ;)

P.S. Two days left to submit an entry to win $50! :)