Holiday Recap

I can't believe Christmas is over already and we'll be celebrating the new year in just a few days! It's been a crazy busy month but I had tons of fun. December never disappoints. :) Here's a little peek into what our phamily's been up to:
December 17, 2011
• This year, I handmade all our Christmas gifts! :D (I'll share details once my sisters get theirs.)
• I dressed up as Jovi from Elf, my favorite movie, for our gingerbread house making party again.
• Each of my friends had their own place setting - gingerbread house kits, gourmet hot chocolate,  candy cane hearts, Christmas cards, and gifts!
• Our sweet and colorful town of gingerbread houses.
December 21, 2011
• Husband took me out on a date for my birthday.
• We had to order a Takeshi roll because it's Bruce's middle name. ;)
• Delicious Japanese flan at Sushi 69.
• He surprised me with a movie and a shopping spree. I bought a pair of bright pink pants!
December 25, 2011
• On Christmas morning, Bruce helped make pancakes.
• We used the Pancake Creator that my talented friend, Bryce, designed to make some Christmas pancakes.
• Bruce opened his first present - a toy mic - and didn't care to open the others.
• Bruce and Katsu opening presents together! So precious.

I hope your December has been filled with lots of joy! Let's end the year with lots of smiles! <3 Akiyo

WHAT News: Moving Sale

We're moving!
Brandon, my husband, recently accepted a new job offer in Los Angeles so we'll be packing our bags and heading to Southern California. Our family will be moving in the beginning of January so we have lots to do! It sounds like a sudden announcement but we just decided a couple weeks ago and have yet to pick the exact move date. It'll be an exciting new year with a new place to call home. :)
I will be closing shop temporarily in 2012 until we get settled in and take care of licenses and such. (I'm thinking the shop will possibly closed until March.) So before we pack everything up, I thought you could help us lighten the load by offering a shop wide sale! 25% OFF ALL MY DEAR DARLING GIFTS that are available in the shop for the rest of the year! This offer is good while supplies last and not valid on purchases made before December 18th, 2011. Thank you so much for all your support!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at
Lots of Smiles,